Company Introduction
Longsin Intelligence is an international developer and manufacture of high-quality security and protection products and accessories,such as gas leakage detector,smoke detector,infrared detector,smoke detector etc. We are dedicated to enhancing people’s way of life by increasing their sense of security.To combine the idea of safety with health creatively is always our principle and goal.Longsin provides high-quality and healthy products and excellent solutions.Therefore,our products are vital parts of everyday life and they can provide real-time protection in institutional settings-hospitals,senior residential facilities,correctional institutions etc.Based on the impressive understanding and unremitting pursuit of security.Longsin devotes a lot on R&D and technology improvement to ensure that the products and manufacturing technique meet the highest standards and different requirements.
Longsin Intelligent is a global national brand enterprise that develops, produces and sells smoke alarms, gas alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, infrared alarms and other fire alarm products and their accessories and sound and light alarm products. Even Asia's largest professional manufacturer of fire alarms. Langsin pays attention to: "cultivation and introduction of talents", advocates Industry 4.0, and its brands introduce advanced technologies and modern production and processing equipment from developed countries such as Europe and the United States to produce various fire detectors and accessories products, product quality, performance, technical indicators All meet international standards.
Longsin Intelligent creatively combines the concepts of safety and health, and is widely used in different fields such as family, business, cultural and museum, medical treatment, prison and so on.