Development trend of alarm control system in the era of big data

Date:2022-11-16 11:46

Development trend of alarm control system in the era of big data

Development trend of alarm control system in the era of big data
With the rapid development of technology, more and more industries have entered the era of intelligence, and big data has emerged with the popularity of intelligence. Products based on big data and artificial intelligence are everywhere in life. Of course, security alarm is also closely following its step. As a small branch of the security industry, alarm products and security services can leverage such a large market capacity, whether they can carry a large amount of research and development and operation investment, which is not only the upstream manufacturers worry, but also the downstream operating service providers need to break through.

1. Networking and digitalization

At present, most of the solutions of anti-theft alarm industry are still transmitted by bus, bus transmission has many advantages, such as stable signal transmission; Long transmission distance; Anti - interference performance is also good. Therefore, it is the main transmission mode in the anti-theft alarm system for a long time. Although the bus communication mode has many advantages, but it also has some defects, the most prominent is tedious wiring, in the project construction needs to spend a certain amount of time.

Nowadays, with the continuous maturation of network technology, the TCP/IP network communication method is gradually applied, and the installation of anti-theft alarm system transmitted through the network is more convenient. It only needs the device to come with the TCP/IP network interface, and it can be used directly by plugging in the network cable. The environment is also more open, where TCP/IP networks are available; And the signal transmission is also very stable, especially for some large perimeter alarm system is very suitable.

At present, in the anti-theft alarm system, network pulse electronic fence system, bus alarm system and other perimeter systems can operate based on TCP/IP network. Among them, in the network pulse electronic fence system, the pulse host has both TCP/IP network interface and 485 interface. The electronic fence software supports serial port communication and TCP network communication, which can meet the needs of different users. With the online version of the pulse electronic fence system, users can directly access the existing TCP network at the time of installation can use, operation is also more convenient.

2. Integration

With the rapid development of anti-theft alarm technology, integrated alarm products are more and more favored by users. Compared with single function products, integrated products have more complete functions and are more easy to install and use

Taking the visual one-button emergency help alarm product as an example, the product not only has the basic one-button emergency alarm function, but also has real-time call, linkage monitoring, defense map display and other functions. It is a highly integrated anti-theft alarm product.

In practical application, visual one-button emergency help alarm products can play an excellent role in alarm solutions in various industries, and can also be widely used in campuses, scenic spots, hotels, hospitals, squares, communities, large venues, forests and other occasions.

3. Nb-iot technology

At present, with the strong support of the government and operators, NB-iot technology has been developing rapidly, bringing new opportunities to all walks of life. NB - IoT is a kind of brand-new communication transmission technology, mainly used in low rate of Internet applications, it has many advantages: wide coverage, large capacity, low power consumption and high cost performance, good security, fire control, smart city, peaceful city, the wise about our transportation energy production and living of each scenario has broad application prospects.

In the field of anti-theft alarm, the application based on NB-iot technology has been gradually developed. In the application, NB-iot technology has also brought many innovations to the project: Nb-iot detectors do not need wiring, do not need to access the alarm host, alarm information directly uploaded to the platform, more convenient for users to install and use, and the detector is not limited by distance, quantity, can play a positive role in some medium and large projects.

4. Platform

Gradually tend to be more homogeneous in the alarm industry, hardware products, the role of the software platform is more and more prominent, software platform as the core, the enterprise can meet the personalized requirements of users, custom development more differentiation function, at the same time, in the project, through the platform big data can better analyze the end users and management, can effectively improve the efficiency of the security system.

5. Intelligent

With the continuous popularization of the concept of the Internet of things and the concept of smart home, users' demand for home anti-theft alarm is also increasing, which is highlighted in the transformation of the anti-theft alarm host, from a single alarm dialer to today's intelligent control platform, with more value-added service functions. At present, the alarm host to facilitate the secondary development of users are using modular Settings. When the product leaves the factory, the manufacturer in addition to matching the core components, but also some interfaces reserved, most additional functions are achieved by adding different modules, such as network module, GPRS module, voice module, home appliance control module, etc.. In addition to the integration with the smart home, the alarm host also added SMS, voice functions, its main purpose is to improve the reliability of the system.

6. Personalize

With the popularization of the concept of 'intelligent +', intelligent hardware based on meeting individual needs will become the mainstream of the development of manufacturing industry in the future, and the security alarm industry is no exception. In particular, with the promotion of "intelligent Internet of things", personalized intelligent alarm equipment will become a hot spot in the market. Visual, simple, open platform will be the mainstream of professional alarm. The development direction of alarm monitoring enterprises should explore and meet diversified and personalized needs on the current basis, so as to adapt to market changes and environmental impact. At the same time, in the construction and upgrade of the platform, we should consider more open and compatible, and simultaneously increase various extended functions of the platform, such as personal safety, goods safety, travel safety, health safety and other location-based service forms. Anti-theft alarm market to achieve long-term development, to strengthen all kinds of new technology, the introduction of new products and applications, build a comprehensive alarm service platform, and realize networking alarm, adapt to market demand, through better technology, product change to provide security services, and improve market competitiveness, open up a new world in the market, promote the long-term development of the enterprise.